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Are you searching for a fresh start to prevent IRS tax debt? Help with taxes to acquire a new beginning? Want an IRS tax pro that will provide you the best clean slate potential? Tax settlement services from a tax relief company to receive a new shot, opportunity, opportunity to live your own life without tax worry? Affordable back taxes help you can trust? If you answered yes to any of these queries, you have found what you’re searching for right here, right now.

My name is William McConnaughy; I am the owner and operator of the tax settlement company site. I have personally worked and solved several thousand overdue tax cases for folks just like yourself as 1992. This makes me one of the most experienced tax settlement specialists in the nation. There’s not any substitute for expertise. I want to put that expertise to work for you in securing the best settlement of your tax issue that the law sports detail and your financial circumstances will allow.

I promise in writing the best tax settlement for your situation available to you.

I promise in writing the most affordable, lowest fee you will pay for this tax relief.

I promise in writing that you will not be subject to tax levy or IRS garnishment after you retain me for tax settlement services.

I promise in writing a fifteen-day grace period to make your first payment for tax settlement services after I start providing tax relief for your benefit.

I promise in writing a thirty-day, full refund money-back satisfaction guarantee after I start tax services to prevent IRS debt for you.

Simply put, I am guaranteeing the best tax relief potential, in the lowest price, absolutely safe. It does not get any better than that. In addition, I guarantee that you will always be treated with respect, so that inquiries regarding your case will normally possess same day or following day answers, and also to be empathic like no one else in understanding where you’re coming from in wanting to get this issue solved. If you’re here in the hope of rescuing a connection, bettering your psychological or physical health, restoring your credit to construct a future, or guarding your livelihood or company…I GET IT.

I ask that you please contact me now; by toll-free phone in 1-888-225-1272, email at williammcconnaughycpa@gmail.com, or utilize my 24/7/365 chat support found on the sidebar. Before leaving my site, please watch and listen to the 1 minute video found in this homepage footer, including a personal message from me to you. Take care, and I hope to talk with you shortly. One last word. This industry is full of operators who do not practice with high ethical standards or employ people with adequate expertise. For the sake, I urge you to review my site found at www.taxreliefreviews.org for information I have put together to steer people away from being scammed by these unscrupulous, online tax relief predators.

Bonus Reason To Call Me? If you turn into my tax relief customer I will prepare your current year tax returns for you if they have to be filed next April 15th for Free.

3 Promises to My Valued Clients.

The promises below are written inside my Full Service Contract for the clientele.

I will protect a settlement of your delinquent tax accounts which lets you maintain as much of your cash into your pocket either permanently, or for as long as possible.

I will beat any fee quote given to you by any tax relief company for similar services to be rendered. I am that confident in my abilities to secure one of the best result for your situation.

This means I will take actions to prevent bank levies, wage or retirement advantage garnishments from being issued against you.

Get Help From a CPA & Former IRS Agent.

As a former IRS Revenue Agent, I offer unique insight into each of tax and fiscal issues which people bring through my doors. From the moment you originally contact my office to the final outcome of your tax issues, you can rest assured that I will be right by your side each step along the way. I proudly offer tax services which are highly personalized because I know how urgent tax issues can be. Time is ticking away, and your personal assets – some of which can be lifetime investments – may be on the line.

With my over 28 years of experience and Master of Science in Taxation degree, I could be trusted to help you protect the resources and possessions that you have invested time and energy in getting. I might have the expertise and education to help you, but what really sets me apart from other accountants is my own personal approach to each client’s situation. I am aware that your financing can often influence your own personal well-being, so I handle every situation . If you know that your own personal finances are in order, you can start to have the freedom of living life financially worry free.

I am a certified public accountant with over 28 years of expertise. As a former IRS Revenue Agent using a Master’s Degree in Taxation, I have helped millions of people. Watch my video and get my office now for assistance with your tax requirements.